Commitment Ceremony

What Is A Commitment Ceremony?

A Commitment Ceremony is very similar to a Marriage Ceremony however it doesn't involve any Legal Requirements. This ceremony is a celebration of love between two people who are either unable to marry under the Australian Law. It may also be the ceremony of choice for couples who want to express publicly their commitment to one another without marriage.

It is a perfect ceremony for same sex couples who wish to celebrate their union with their life partner, friends and family.

I can put together a ceremony that reflects your lives together and it can include anything that you want it to. It can be a structured ceremony or something more casual, depending on your tastes.

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“There is only one happiness in life, to love and be loved” – George Sand

I am passionate about what I do, I always put 100% into everything and I am sure that I can provide the dream commitment ceremony that you have always wanted.

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