Latrobe Valley Bridal Expo: Sunday 18 August 2013

Well what blustery day for a bridal expo, still at least it wasn’t raining as well.

I headed out to the fair bright and early, collected my friend, and Roadie, Karen and set off to the venue full of excitement and expectations. We had great fun trying to get my sign into the venue without being blown away like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz – I was pretty sure we were about say ‘Toto, we’re not in Kansas any more!’ Once inside we discovered all the other participants were having lots of issues with things blowing away from their tables, Rose petals, pamphlets and business cards were flying across the room at a great rate off knots! However, this was very short lived and once the outside participants (poor things) had got all their stuff through, the doors were closed and calm was once again restored to the room.

We set up our display and after wrestling with the easel (it was worse that putting together flat pack furniture from a well-known Swedish store!) I was finally happy with its appearance and we sat down with a well-earned cup of tea to wait for the first visitors to come.

And come they did, I met a lovely selection of Latrobe Valley Brides to be, admired gorgeous engagement rings and beautiful babies and chatted merrily for what seemed like an hour – but was actually 4 - about the wonders of weddings. My site proved to be a popular one, maybe because of the complimentary bags of mauve coloured sweets I was handing out to visitors. Who doesn’t love a heart shaped chocolate?? I also had a completion for brides to be to enter a draw to win $200.00 off a celebrant service – Jenna Pritchett was the lucky winner of this fantastic prize.

Latrobe Bridal Expo Raffle Tickets

The day flew by so quickly that it was soon time pack up and head home tired, but very happy, with a couple of firm bookings under my belt.

I could get used to these affairs, I just love chatting to excited brides to be and their friends and I love meeting the other participants, who like me, are fortunate to be doing this sort of thing with their spare time -photographers, cake makers, people who run those fabulous Photo Booths – I can’t wait to do the next one and I must say it has only confirmed that I have chosen the right path.

In conclusion being a Civil Celebrant in Gippsland is definitely the thing for me.