Sale Bridal Fair 30th June 2013

Today I made my maiden voyage as Christine Skicko Celebrant – I pulled up the anchor and sailed into my first ever bridal fair!

I had no idea what to expect, and absolutely no clue about what sorts of things would await me. But, I am now enlightened and what a lovely day it was.

The sunshine in Sale welcomed us (I dragged my dear friend Karen with me for moral support and as a makeshift ‘Roadie’) We were greeted warmly by Yvonne (the organiser at The Gippsland Times) and shown to our position , a bright and prime spot just inside the entrance. After setting up my table I then strategically placed my crystal tree and mirrored accessories (courtesy of an internet site in the USA). I then added my bowls of colour matched chocolates and goodie bags (containing more colour matched chocolates and sweets - I’m very big on the colour theme thing!), my beautiful feathered pen and assorted advertising paraphernalia. After trying various places ( a bit to the left, bowl at the front, bowl at the back etc. etc.), I was satisfied with my display. ..I hung my sign onto the wall (hoping the easy to remove tabs would indeed be easy to remove later!!)

And we waited….

Not for long, as soon people began trickling through the doors and some of them came straight to my table – well this was it, sink or swim!! Soon that trickle became a deluge and the next thing I knew I was patting babies, chatting to toddlers, placating bored fiancés , discussing my ‘you can never have too much sparkle’ theory with mum’s and aunties and giggling with brides to be and their girlfriends.

Before I knew it the end of the day was almost upon me – I had met some lovely people, discussed some very exciting wedding plans and done an enormous amount of smiling – You know, I think I might turn out to be quite good at this!!

It was time to pack up, pop everything back into the car and reflect on the day - and the fact that those hanging tabs did indeed do what they said and were easy to remove – phew!!

I am excited beyond belief at this new phase in my life and now I can’t wait for (hopefully) some bookings to roll and in and to get my feet wet at my first ceremony.

So – I am now ready to head out the open ocean, feeling confident and happy that this is what I want to do, to be involved in these happy occasions, and – to help to create memories that last a lifetime.