Wedding Day Riches

As the end of wedding season approaches I find myself reflecting on the wonderful 2 years I have had in this amazing job. A few weeks ago I celebrated my 50th wedding – yes 50!! When I first started I set myself a goal – ‘10 weddings for the year, let’s see how that goes’. Well I have been so lucky and so thrilled in the way my business has grown so quickly.

I have found myself becoming obsessed about the weekend weather and my wardrobe has become more diverse and everything is always bought with the thought "can I wear this to a wedding?"

I have been to some amazing venues and gazed across some sensational views. I have officiated large extravagant weddings at wineries and grand venues and equally enjoyed intimate ceremonies in back gardens with rustic signage and trees adorned with fairy lights. There is no formula for a perfect wedding. They are all perfect in their own way if they are filled with family and friends and full of genuine love.

I adore what I do and am often asked if I have a favourite wedding. When I reply that I don’t, that I love all my couples, I am often scoffed at, but it is true - I do love all my couples and always find such joy in each and every ceremony.

There are always the beautiful little touches that aren’t planned. The flowergirl running full tilt towards her daddy; the pageboy filling his mouth with coloured lollies as he watches his favourite auntie and uncle tie the knot, oblivious to everything other than what is in the bag in front of him; the groomsmen joking and yet taking all my instructions so seriously; the bridesmaids all like beautiful, brightly coloured flowers blossoming in the warmth of the atmosphere that surrounds them; the mother of the groom brimming with tears as she watches her son’s face as he first sets eyes on his bride; the groom who tries to be strong but he cannot stop his mouth from quivering; the proud dad who beams as he walks his stunning daughter down the aisle and the bride whose face just overflows with love and happiness.

I find my eyes welling up just reminiscing about these moments and I know that not only do I create memories that last a lifetime for my couples and their families and friends, but they are created for me too. Gosh, what wonderful memories I have created already, I can’t wait to create more as look forward to the next 50 weddings and beyond...